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NZFW 2014 - Juliette Hogan

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I can't say I've always been a fan of Juliette Hogan. To me, her brand over the past couple of years has felt a little dated and aged, and just predictable. Usually I'd give a miss to her line.

And even more so did I want to leave as my friend and I waited more than an hour for this delayed show to begin. But the minute I walked in to the Runway, (The Shed as labeled previous years) my expectations changed.

The show, titled as 'Take It Or Leave It', was laid out with all the seating to one side as if it was more stage hall than runway. We sat down excitedly discussing what was going to happen and if this was why the show took so long to set up. As the lights dimmed and the curtains parted to reveal the sounds of an alternative band, I can tell you this show wasn't feeling dated like others.
Inspired by New York, Juliette Hogan's line still maintained her preference of neutral colours but had strong lines and silhouettes which felt much more modern, rather than the past nana-ish and meek styling of previous years (sorry that's a bit mean but that's the best way I'd describe it).

Minimalism this year also meant that the textures and colours of the clothing could say more than overcomplicated jackets and dresses would. It became a reminder about the beauty that is simplicity.

With sleek ponytail, cosy sweaters and white sneakers, the sports luxe vibe was prevalent, as was the use of black lace which I always adore.

But I don't think I really had a favourite outfit from her collection. There were bits of clothing I like and the collection was definitely something I could see myself more likely wearing, but nothing that would make me say 'stop the runway' for an outfit.

That being said, it was still a nice show to attend, with some great music from Sunken Seas as a backdrop. It really is a collection where I could 'take it or leave it' - I'm not too fussed.

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