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NZFW 14 - Kowtow, TK Store, Company Of Strangers & BLAK (Photoset)

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I love New Zealand Fashion Weekend and seeing the different members of the public attend these shows. You see many walks of life attend - from teens who take selfies from their seats during the show, to ladies with wine glasses and girlfriends at their sides. And of course bloggers and amateur photographers like me who take photos from their seats.

I hadn't heard much about TK Store or Kowtow in the past but BLAK and Company of Strangers are two of my 'must see' designers - and they had some of my favourites in their showcase.

Kowtow didn't appeal too much to me as they are very much in that oversized style but I've heard that they're fairtrade cotton, which is a good plus.

TK Store

My best friend and I hadn't really heard too much about TK Store but we both agreed this dress was the best of their showcase.

Company of Strangers

What I always love about Company of Strangers is their punk inspired look and attitude. And of course their leather-work is always outstanding.


Blak is probably one of my favourite designers now. I think it's because they have the best balance of romantic and feminine with dark edge and bold prints. And those last two photos were my favourite outfits of the entire show. Just let my wardrobe have all of that.

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