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NZFW - Designer Selection Show (Photoset)

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The annual tradition of the New Zealand Fashion Week Designer Showcase is still strong with me and my best friend. This year, the Designer Showcase returned to the weekend (hooray!) and was this time sponsored by Resene and a supporting magazine. We attending the Saturday night Cleo showcase and while I still love attending this show (for their happier, different sized models and the tasters of all the different fashion brands) this year seemed a little lackluster and limited. But Resene's opening outfits (the first three images after the jump below) were something different at least.

On a side note, I officially bought my first Designer Garage Sale dress! See the post at the end for the photo.

While I loved all the fashion I saw over the week, the most exciting thing I took away was this gorgeous sample BLAK Love dress that I got for $30! I bought it just as the Garage Sale closed for Saturday and after I had tried it on and stood outside the mirror to have a look and show my friend, the girl standing behind me said 'Wow you should really get that dress!'

Fashion week success. #nzfw #blak #lace

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So I did. I love the cheeky lace cut out and the soft material. It crumples a little which is a bit of a pain but the cut of it is so nice, I don't actually mind. My first proper clothing by from the Designer Garage Sale. This is now my favourite dress.

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