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The Best Music Videos of 2014

currently: raining outside on New Years Eve. Classic Auckland.

Once upon a time, or at least ten years ago, there was no such thing as Beats by Dre, and music videos weren't filled with such blatant product placement and booty shaking. Music videos weren't seen as one big commercial, but instead were for art, for expression, and for fun. I love a great music video, and people love a good top 10 list. So here's my final salute to 2014 with the best music videos of the year (in no particular order).

OK Go - The Writings On The Wall
[Award for best OK Go music video for year]
Okay it's a bit of a cheap shot putting in OK Go into a best music video list because it's no secret how good OK Go are great at making music videos. Not only is it a one shot mind bender, it's actually beautifully partnered with the lyrics to the song. Of course, their extraordinary choreographed next video, 'I Will Never Let You Down' is a close second.

Doprah - Stranger People
[Award for the cutest creepy music video, and best costume in a music video]
A music video from a local Kiwi band, this video is basically a twisted kawaii nightmare. From the crazy room decor, the ridiculous accessories, and then the possessed singing doll with the equally possessed owner. Stranger people indeed.

Sheep, Dog, Wolf - Glare
[Award for best use of a sunrise, a rock, and a nosebleed in a music video]
Another Kiwi act, I heard about this music video from a friend who talked about how this stunning three-shot concept was so well done. And he was right. It's not that it's just only three shots that makes this video good, but it's three strong shots done really well, aced with the use of light and timing. Spot that falling tear.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space
[Award for a music video that's pretty much its own parody]
It starts off like every other Taylor Swift video - Taylor meets up with a guy, romance happens, there's a kissing scene... the boring and usual. Until of course in this video she starts going cray and it pretty much becomes the plot of a Bart Baker parody. And that's what makes this video MUCH better than any other she's done.

Sia - Chandelier
[Award for best solo dance and most possessed child in a music video]
I don't know if anyone has ever pinpointed down the one reason why this video is so good. In many ways, it's creepy and disturbing as this possessed-looking child dances around a seemingly abandoned apartment. Yet it's captivating at the same time.

Orange Caramel - My Copycat
[Award for best music video inspired by Where's Wally books]
I have a quiet love for the Hallyu Wave. Probably because their pop culture goes bigger and bolder than a lot of their western counterparts now. And I have a love for this video - probably because I've watched it so many times trying to play Where's Wally with it.

Kimbra - 90s Music
[Award for craziest use of animation and neon colours]
It took a while for this song to grow on me, but I think what helped me like it was in fact this music video. The song was so far away from anything Kimbra's previously done that when the music video came out, it all made sense. I think I love that Kimbra's dance movements also use sign language, and how the visuals of this video look like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air's wardrobe.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
[Award for best couple dance and most impressive ginger in a music video]
This song is already amazing, and chances are this song will become everyone's wedding dance song for the next two years. But this beautifully choreographed dance in a grand ballroom, with Ed Sheeran smiling the entire time he's I wish I had some dance skill in me.

The 1975 - Robbers
[Award for a music video that's pretty much a 4 minute movie.]
The darkest music video out of my choices for this year, it has drugs, sex, guns, crime, ripped jeans and alternative rock music. Basically everything a coming-of-age alternative indie drama needed. But I think what I enjoy about this is the way everything is edited together. A seemingly happy romance with splices of the robbery cut in between their story. It's a messed up relationship with a great storyline.

Iggy Azalea - Fancy
[Award for a music video I'd rather not give an award to but deserves one anyway.]
I liked this song. I really liked this song. And then everyone played this song to death and I'm really tired of it. But you can't deny how great a salute to Clueless this was. The tribute to this iconic show was spot on, and who knew that it could suit an Iggy Azelea song.

So that's it - 2014 summed up with 10 great music videos!
On a small note, (to whoever who's bothered to read this far) I just want to say thanks for clicking on my blog, whether it just happened to be today or you've been regularly following the milkyway. It's been a good but challenging year (for me anyway) and I hope that 2015 can bring brighter things for us, and I can work hard to grow this blog bigger and better. Thank you all and much love! :)

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