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A More Realistic 2015

currently: listening to 'Special' by Six60. Summer jam.
So, here we are again. New year, a new 356 days to do something with it. And a new blog post where I will outline goals that I may or may not follow.

If you looked at last year's New Years blog post here, you'd notice that I gave myself aspirations for 2014. It included a list of 10 things to aspire, including write more for myself, be healthier, getting more creative and reading the bible in a chronological order.

I did actually look over this list while chatting with my workmates a few weeks ago, and I couldn't help but laugh at a lot at what I wrote. Laughing to hide the fact I forgot a lot of those aspirations. Let me just guide you quickly through what I had set:

1) Write more for myself, and write it down faster: Work became crazier last year, and by crazier, I just mean more time consuming.
2) Be healthier: You'd be surprised but I actually exercised a heck of a lot more - until December. Whoops.
3) Make a better name for myself: Nope.
4) Grow my creativity: I haven't read a book but I did finish these three canvases. It's taken me 3 years. I bowed out of the 365 Photo Challenge by Day 40 something.
5) Get a (good) habit: Does YouTube before bed count as a good habit?
6) Better my attitude: honesty hour - my attitude got much worse. Some people may say it was caused by stress, I say that it was my Type A personality kicking up and rearing its ugly head. I wanted to look like I was keeping control of everything but I was mentally out of control. It's gotten slightly better now but I've got a bit to improve.
7) Read the Bible in a chronological order: I kinda slowed down by May (again, same time around that work stress). So I'm halfway through.
8) Be more educated about the world around me: ...I could have done better.
9) Save with purpose: I do own a new DSLR! So I'm doing well.
10) Learn to live with minimalism: there's stuff in my room I know I hadn't moved in a year.

So what did we learn from these aspirations? That I had good intentions, but life has its own plans.

Which got me thinking - I know I'll forget about these goals come the end of the month, even if they will be in the back of my mind. So why not for this year, I write goals that I know I'll be more likely to complete. And hopefully I won't feel so embarrassed come December 2015 when I reread these.

Mel's REALISTIC Goals for 2015:

1) I may not be able to blog every day, but at least twice a month is an improvement.
To be honest, life on a day to day basis isn't the most exciting, but if I can manage to think and write about two interesting things a month, that's something.

2) I may not be able to avoid overtime but I can try to get out of work before 6pm more often.
It's actually a concern when it's pitch black at 6pm in winter and I'm still in the office. I think that's the worse thing about overtime - just how dark it is by the time you leave. Plus it can only help my attitude - right?

3) I may not be able to learn a new language but I can pick up enough from the foreign TV shows I watch.
It would be great to converse properly in another language, that's a dream too far right now. So I'll stick to watching foreign shows and hoping I pick something up subconsciously.

4) I may not be able to travel overseas but I could try travel to new places.
It can't be that hard to, even if it's just by myself, right?

5) I may not be able to read a lot of books, but reading one would be good.
To be fair, that may be difficult. Unless I get a really short book.

6) I may not be able to/want to become a fitness freak but at least exercising twice a week is manageable.
Twice a week for 45 minutes counts as something right?

7) I may not be able to become vegetarian but I can try and eat healthier foods.
It helps that Little Bird Unbakery is around the corner, and half my girlfriends from uni are veggies.

8) I may not be great at cooking but I can try to learn to make something new in the kitchen.
My domestic skills are pretty much nil but I have been improving! I made hummus, falafel and wholemeal wraps the other day. So at least I know I won't be able to starve if I ever move out.

9) I may not be able to live a minimalistic life but I can stop storing boxes in my room.
Seriously, so many boxes. And I tidied part of my room today to get rid of 4 boxes. So it's a start.

10) I may not be able to become a freelance photographer but I can try take photos more often on my DSLR.
Because the dream, and the new camera, shouldn't die.

2015 - You're a new shiny chapter with no hint on where it will lead. But, hopefully, I'll feel somewhat accomplished in 351 days time when I read this again.

Otherwise I'll just do what I did this year and just give this blog a whole new layout and design so I feel accomplished. Close enough.

[Just on an end note - it's ridiculous how you can find any gif you can imagine on tumblr.]

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