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An introvert in the centre of noise [Day 25 of Thankfulness]

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I always think life would be easier if I was not a naturally introverted person.

I've imagined how fun and easy I would be as a charismatic talkative social butterfly, but in reality, being that is something very uncomfortable and unnatural to me. To talk one-on-one with a complete stranger usually requires a 5 minute internal pep talk. Confronting conflict in front of people can take me 5 days. And being expected to chat, with no idea what to talk about, is a massive fear.

This is why I consider myself very thankful for the people I am surrounded by at my work. For some who knew me before I started in the radio industry, some were very surprised to learn I didn't end up as some reclusive writer or a fashion designer. Instead I end up in the loudest, noisiest, liveliest workplaces you could imagine.

However different it may be to my own personality, I'm very proud to work alongside strong, vocal women in the media industry. I read a lot of comments from people who listen to radio, and people who formally worked in the radio industry, and they constantly downplay the role women play in this field. They complain about the way female voices sound on air or complain that they're only there for mindless chatter. But these women front up on the microphones, in front of the negativity and stress of the world - and leave their own problems to laugh and joke for everyone else to feel better. It takes a lot of strength and thick skin, and I have so much admiration for them.

Outside the studio walls too are strong, focused, brilliant females (and males). They're organising endless events and promotions, putting in their heart, mind and valuable time they'd rather spend at home with their families into making other people happy. And while I may just be a girl behind a computer screen, they constantly look out for me. They're on my side, giving me advice and confidence to stand my ground when I need to, and making sure they can keep the smile on my face. I could spend hours thanking them each day for what they do but then I'll never get anything done.

For someone who is categorised as introverted, I'm really thankful for strong encouraging women, especially the ones that I'm surrounded by. It may be a loud, noisy place to be in, but it only makes me feel encouraged to be something too - whether to make my own voice stronger, or to make sure theirs are heard.

I'm writing 31 personal stories about things in my life I'm thankful for. See all my posts during my month of thankfulness here.

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