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Why ANZAC Day should still matter for modern New Zealand [Day 26 of Thankfulness]

currently: ANZAC Day.

On this day, 101 years ago, the Allied forces landed on the shores of Gallipoli. For New Zealand soldiers, this was the first major campaign they were involved in, and for nine months these soldiers fought alongside Australians trying to take the cove. They say one of six New Zealanders who had fought in that campaign had died on that hill - more than 2000 New Zealand lives lost.

I have no historical ties to either of world wars from the scarce knowledge of my family history. I don't have any great-great grandfathers or distant family members who fought in these wars. So in theory, this day doesn't have so much of a significant impact on my life.

But as a New Zealander, and for anyone who considers themselves a New Zealander today - it should be important.

ANZAC Day is more than just remembering a war that happened over 100 years ago. It's about a sacrifice that was made to fight for injustice, and a sacrifice that is still made today.

You don't need to be connected to the war to be affected by it. Growing up, you're educated about the cost of war and the price people paid to fight against the fear, the terror and the evils against humanity. We may not be in a time of a world war, but there is still war in the world we live in today.

In a small country like New Zealand, to live with such freedom is due to people who put their lives on the line for victory and peace. Those soldiers may not have known who I was when they stepped onto the battle grounds, but I owe it to them to remember what they did especially on this day.

There's a lot to be thankful about living in this beautiful country, and the ANZACs represent the brave soldiers who want to see a world changed for the better.

Lest we forget.

I'm writing 31 personal stories about things in my life I'm thankful for. See all my posts during my month of thankfulness here.

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