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How you should claim back your 'Me Time' - Sponsored Video by Symbio

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One of the biggest problems today is letting our personal time be stolen from us.

We're a society that often praises over-working. A working class full of people who constantly sacrifice their hours, never stop to take a break, pump our blood with coffee and Coke, and are always strapped to our phones. This is the criteria to be considered a champion of the workplace. But why is this admired when we're putting ourselves at risk?

When you don't take care of yourself, your body suffers - mentally, emotionally, and most of all, physically. Symbio's Womens Wellbeing Survey of New Zealand women found that 79% of those questioned believe they didn't take enough care of themselves. That's almost 8 out of every 10 women on the edge of burning out. And whether you're a mum, a daughter, a friend or a working woman, you can't hide the lack of care you're giving yourself. People notice! Watch the video below:

This is why taking time to take care of ourselves, for ourselves, is important. How can you expect to give the world one hundred percent if you're not treating yourself one hundred percent? Having 'Me Time' is the best way to refresh yourself, and take a breath from the insanity of daily life. Sometimes keeping 30 minutes to yourself can do wonders in restoring some life balance.

8 ways to claim back your 'me time'

Schedule an appointment just for you each week.
Get yourself a calendar or diary to keep track what you've got planned, and be sure you've got a day or evening to have to yourself. Organising your week and knowing you've got your own time booked keeps you aware of your 'me time', and will give you a chance to breathe. I'm a visual thinker and I love to draw in my calendar all the good things there are to look forward to, which I can look back on with good memories. Writing it down makes all the good 'me-times' up ahead makes them more real and memorable, as well gives me a better handle on my life.

Get off social media at night
It's easy to waste your time there but you don't need to use up your valuable time looking at how other people are living their life. Reduce your social media time when possible, and leave social media for the times in between appointments or car rides.

Keep the last thoughts of the day on stuff you enjoy
I like to keep that half hour or so before bed to do other stuff I enjoy that will relax me, like read blogs, watch my favourite TV show, or write. It's great before bed to finish my day doing something for myself where I can unwind, so I can be zoned out by all the other events of the world.

Find ways to make daily tasks into me-time
For example, even though I'm not always a fan of doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, I make it my time to listen to my favourite music. I also use the hours travelling to and from work on the bus to write for my blog. That way I can still do something I love in time I don't waste.

Take breaks - even if it's just 5 minutes
Often when I'm busy heating up lunch, I take time to breathe and check out the view of the city from our deck. I admit I sometimes feel a bit stupid but I do try to do it. Why? Because I can get away from my emails and instead take in some fresh air. The important thing is that within those five minutes you give yourself, don't let yourself feel rushed. 'Me Time' is not wasted time.

Change your schedule and break bad habits
Would starting work earlier mean you get more valuable time back at night? Is showering at night less hectic for your morning schedule? Are you going to bed too late that you don't get enough sleep? See how you can make the most of your routine to get more time for you.

Avoid over-committing yourself
Sometimes you have to say no. Saying no doesn't automatically make you a bad person. You're only human and you have limits. What's even worse is when you agree to something you hate. You open yourself up to becoming negative and resentful - and that will naturally eat up your 'me time' as you waste valuable energy being scornful and angry.

Stop feeling guilty!
You deserve 'me time'! It's healthy, it's necessary, and it's better for your wellbeing. You are important and you cannot keep putting yourself at the bottom of your own list. Allow yourself to have balance, because making little, positive changes can make a world of difference in the way you take on the world.

This post was sponsored by Symbio with research taken from Symbio's Womens Wellbeing Survey. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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