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Seven locations to selfie in Sydney

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Sydney. The city of selfies.

When I travelled there with my friend last summer, selfies were the one thing that summed up the city for me. Maybe it was the number of tourists I saw in Sydney. Or it could be the number of selfie locations so accessible by foot. But everywhere you go, you're bound to spot someone trying to take a photo of themselves. In no other city have I ever spotted so many people taking selfies as I did while in Sydney.

And for every Sydney traveller, there is a definite list of places you have to take photos of. To make sure your social media shows off all the essential places, have a look at the bucket list of all self-motivated selfie-ers.

The Sydney Selfie Checklist:

1) Sydney Opera House
Nothing says SEEDKNEE (Sydney) like the iconic Sydney Opera House. Famous for Oprah's Opera House gathering all those years ago, this building shaped like a stack of dishes is proudly displayed on all the postcards. Without the Sydney Opera House, Sydney becomes a larger version of Auckland, but with an uglier and smaller Sky Tower.
(Fun fact: the designer says the shape of the building was inspired by peeling an orange. I don't see it.)

2) Sydney Harbour Bridge
While opposite in view to the Opera House, it's very difficult to get both the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in one photo. Trust me, I've tried with a number of tourists who asked us to take their photo. But you just have to give up and get them to rotate for a shot of each. But while it may not seem different to take photos of this bridge and Auckland's Harbour Bridge, the perk of Sydney's is that you can take some spectacular photos from the bridge itself (in view of the Sydney Opera House.)

3) Luna Park
It's not often you can stand inside the giant mouth of a creepy looking light up clown.
A ferry ride away from the Sydney Opera House, Luna Park is like an American carnival theme park, but half the size of Auckland's Rainbows End (and lacking a log flume ride). Going at night is prettier for better Instagram shots in general, and Luna Park just feels more magical at night. But what if the lighting is not the same? Go at sunset!

4) Pitt Street
For New Zealanders who feel treated second rate for their fashion choices, the pedestrian part of Pitt Street is the heaven they look for. Forever 21, Zara AND H&M? Hold my handbag, I need to have proof I was here before I spend all my spare Australian cash. Your boyfriend can just wait outside and watch the number of changing acts in the centre of Pitt.

5) Manly or Bondi Beach
Nothing says "I'm having a really relaxing holiday" quite like a selfie at the beach. As long as you can find a spot on the beach where people won't get in your shot... They're notoriously famous and popular beaches for a reason.

6) Darling Harbour
Auckland has The Viaduct. Auckland has Takapuna. But Sydney has Darling Harbour. A *darling* place for those who love their wharf-side, naval boats and standing in long queues for the Sydney Aquarium.

7) Queen Victoria Building
This is the hidden little gem of Sydney (and you can't find a building like this in Auckland!) The beautiful clock and windows are the real star among the unbelievable number of stores. It's a bustling little building, but when you get the chance to look around, it is spectacular.

So if you aim to make your trip to Sydney as Sydney-eque as it can be, be sure to tick off all the places on the list. But of course, be sure to enjoy the experience for yourself - not just behind your phone.

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