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5 bizarre Kit Kat tastes only from Japan

Did you know Kit Kat in Japan has more than 300 different flavours? And did you know I must try them all?

There was an article I read about a guy whose dream is to eat every Kit Kat flavour. He had eaten about 100 so far, photographing each one he has tried. If you have to be remembered by this world for something, that's not a bad way to leave a legacy.

Contrary to popular belief, or what I at least expected, Kit Kat isn't easy to find - at least in the 300 flavours the Japanese county boasts to have. While I didn't have time to stop by the official Kit Kat Confectionery in Tokyo, most convenience stores didn't stock Kit Kat (and I visited many stores, but that's another blog post).

Instead, I bought three of the dozen or so flavours I found at Tokyo's Narita Airport (the other two in a Tokyo supermarket). And so, as an introduction to Japan's crazy 300 Kit Kat flavours, take a break and read the following ranking of weird chocolates that only the Japanese could produce.

Rum & Raisin Kit Kat:

Found at the airport and honoured as the flavour of Tokyo, it is a Kit Kat distinct for its fruity taste, and its alcoholic smell. This all despite having a single raisin or rum.

Unlike the other rum and raisin chocolates you can get from Kiwi brands like Whittaker's, Kit Kat's version is almost overwhelmingly sweet with the use of white chocolate.

But while some flavours you feel you only need the one or two sticks, you could almost get away with eating another set.

Weird Kit Kat Rating: 3/5
Delicious Rating: 4/5

Matcha Tea Kit Kat:
I like matcha tea. I like chocolate. I like chocolate and matcha tea. But I'm not 100% a fan of the matcha tea Kit Kat. A distinct dark, earthy green, the taste is distinctly earthy too. But it's a bit confusing.

Matcha isn't sweet but eating it in Kit Kat form almost feels like it is trying to be. Maybe if it was dark chocolate instead of white, it wouldn't seem so weird.
Weird Rating: 2/5
Delicious Rating: 2/5

Sweet Potato Kit Kat
When you grow up around enough processes Asian food, you learn anything purple is bound to be sweet potato flavoured.

This sweet potato Kit Kat (benuino) is extra sweet, heightened due to the mix of white chocolate used.

I don't consider it to be that distinct in sweet potato-y kumara flavour, but its quite pleasant to eat.
Weird Rating: 3/5
Delicious Rating: 4/5

Cranberry & Almond Kit Kat
Found in the supermarket, it's arguably the most normal of the flavours, and the most stingy with this "collectors version" only served in single sticks.

Despite being the alternative flavour that was dark chocolate, it deviates the most from the classic Kit Kat shape, with a naked uncoated top exposing the scattering of cranberry and almond. And it is one of my favourites - think fancy higher-class Kit Kat.
Weird rating: 1/5
Delicious Rating: 4/5

Wasabi Kit Kat
The most characteristic Japanese flavour you could have, in the most uncharacteristic chocolate flavours.

However, despite the wasabi label it had none of the heat - unless you breathe in a certain way through your nose and mouth, only then do you feel a slight wasabi sensation. Not necessarily the burning, but maybe that whiff of a sharpie marker-like smell. It's unusual and unnatural to have sweet with chocolate, but there's something about it that always makes me feel curious to try it again just so my brain can work out what's going on.

It's no Ferrer Rocher dream chocolate. But my boyfriend said this flavour was his favourite.
Weird Rating: 5/5
Delicious Rating: 3/5

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