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Why we delayed being 'Facebook Official'

The Bridiaries: Chapter #1 - 
Today is the day we finally announced our engagement on Facebook. After eight years together, we're telling the world (or at least the Internet) we're getting married.

The thing is, we actually got engaged over a month ago. We just didn't post anything about it. Instead, we told people in person.

In some ways, it's a relief to have it out on social media. But in others, I missed the delightful secret it was to the people I could tell.

In the world of social media, where emotions feel sterilised and stock standard through algorithms and binary, there's a missing joy of human interaction that, over the month we told our close friends and family face-to-face, I realised had truly missed.

I did worry that the delay in time telling people would lessen the impact or excitement, or even that people would get offended that I didn't say it any sooner. But no, there was still a genuine joy and disbelief that social media can't ever capture.

What I think I liked most about telling people in person was that each reaction was different. Not a copy-and-paste wave of 'Congratulations' *insert endless emojis here*. They were surprised, shocked, a couple of excited screams, and one that did get annoyed I took two hours into our meet-up to mention anything. But with each person, it definitely felt personal, unique, and reminded me why I really valued their friendship.

As the weeks went on and as I got used to the weight on my finger, D and I got a bit creative in the "telling" process. We'd think of new ways to drop "the ring" into the conversation, or seeing how long it would take for people to notice the new jewellery on my left hand. And for those who already knew, it was a game that they could quietly join in and watch, which I know they equally enjoyed being in on the 'secret'.

The one thing to take away from this month-long secret spilling is that there is so much value in being around people and communicating with them one-on-one and in person. It's almost ironic that social media is an excuse and a filter for our emotions that it can be disconnecting to relationships. Why talk with someone if you can just know what happens with a Facebook update?

The word is now out in the open, so I hope you join me in my bridal diaries as I begin a new chapter in my life - engaged!

[Photo: Unsplash]

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