What I managed to do in a month.

by - Friday, December 17, 2010

currently: lying in bed

Did you miss me?
Yeah I figured not.

Nothing exciting has happened since I posted a month ago (see this post for explanation). I had been feeling sick again last week thanks to some stomach issue and a possible intolerance to onions... But I'm better now and have actually gotten off the laptop to do some stuff.

For example, I've done some Christmas shopping:

(It's an ice tray in the shape of dentures. So you put your ice teeth in your drink so it looks like someone left their teeth in the glass. Amazing XD)

Made a cheesecake:

Had my first experience standing in line to get into a bar for an hour before leaving:

(No,not the best experience.)

Saw some epic Christmas lights nearby:

And took a midnight walk on the beach with Boyfriend.

So I've done a few things. But not a lot.

Oh and I got a new sewing mannequin! A very belated birthday/early Christmas present from the parents. So hopefully I'll start cranking out some stuff :D

In the meantime, stay well, don't eat lots of onions and I make no apologies for writing more posts soon.

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  1. An intolerance for onions is totally expected Xp
    I hope you're doing better now!
    (By the way, the denture ice cube trays are probably the most awesome gift I've ever seen. Eat your electronic hearts out, cool new gadgets!)

  2. I am a lot better thank you.
    But I think I may have made it worse today. I went out for coffee with a friend and tried out this affogato coffee - which is a double shot espresso with vanilla icecream. Turns out I can't handle really strong coffee, so it was another round of queasiness again after lunch haha.

    And I agree, stuff getting an iPad. I want ice teeth :D