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I'm psychic! No, not really.

currently: chilling on the couch while people cook food on tv.

Living in New Zealand can feel really backwards sometimes.
We are technically the first country to see the new day, yet we can be one of the last to see TV shows.

Take today. On TV3, they were advertising for X Factor Australia series 2.
I personally don't bother watching the show, I don't care too much for them. But because I have no life and I'm waiting for Project Runway Season 7 to come on, I'll flick to this show once in a while.
Anyway, TV3's ad was going on about "Who's gonna make it to the finale? Find out this Thursday and Friday..."
To which I respond:
"Suck it. I'll find out myself. Hello Wikipedia :D"

I don't know where I'd be without Wikipedia. Without Wiki, I'd probably get crappier marks for uni not being able to understand anything. And I'd be behind TV shows that haven't actually shown in NZ.

So here I'd go on Wiki, searching up The X Factor (Australia Season 2), and hello results list :P (I won't mention on here for the sake of not spoiling it for everyone else. You all can look yourselves on Wiki.)

And normally, I'd use this information to prove my correctness while my family watches the show.

[In the living room, watching X Factor Elimination] - I've changed names for safety.
Mum: It's going to be "Judge 1's person".
Sis: No, "Judge 3's person" is the one who sucks. They can't get rid of "Judge 1's person"
Me: It's totally going to be "Judge 2's person".
Mum: How do you know?
Me: Well they just are because [insert dozens of reason why they are going to leave, unrelated to the fact that I already know that they leave.]

[20 minutes later]
Me: Told you I'd be right.

However, this does work the other way, where NZ is first and I will know everything before anyone else in other countries in the world.

For example:

(Just to note, I do have real friends. Not just fake facebook friends who happen to be celebrities. And I don't know if Miley Cyrus is a good speller.)
Suckers, I live in the future and get to celebrate Christmas before you do. :D

I have just realised a disadvantage to living in future NZ.

Think in that case I'll just try to get to Hawaii before Dec 20th, 2012. That will give me an extra 24 hours to dig a hole and save myself. Problem solved :)

(Note: No, I don't really believe in 2012. I'll prove it to you once it hits NZ.)

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