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currently: gonna have to recharge camera batteries.

So, let me introduce to you the first thing that I've sewn in a while. (or at least for this year.)

This is Jacob. Supposedly the werewolf on Twilight. Or whatever.

He stands at 8cm tall (3 1/4 inches for you American folk), is made of felt, has black merino wool hair (only wool in my house that was black), frayed denim jeans and a black shirt with what is suppose to be a wolf claw printed on it. Took 6 hours straight to sew. (well almost straight, I spent some time on LOBH inbetween. We're trying to set up Mafia on it haha)

Made him (it. whatever) for my friend who's birthday party is tomorrow. I saw felt and I thought "hmm...lets make my friend a handmade gift. Maybe a vampire?"

Anyway, turns out that my friend isn't into Edward Cullen like everyone else seems to be (except for me of course cause I just steer clear of Twilight in the first place. I'm not into the hype.) And of course, since I haven't read the book or watched the movie, I got my friend (who after this project shall continue to be named Twiki - aka Twilight Wikipedia) to give me all the info I needed, saving me from having to read the 4 books to figure out what this guy looks like.

Not as cute as I planned it to be. At first it looked like a voodoo doll. And now I reckon it still looks like one, but not so much as before. If I drew a line between his eyes, he'll look like Stevie Wonder. Except my doll has a 6 pack.
Don't know if you can see it or not. I stitched one in cause according to Twiki - he's suppose to be really muscular. Though I have to say, 6 pack on a plushie - a little weird. And incredibly out of proportion, but hey, stitching a 6 pack on a doll that's only 8cm tall is quite hard.
I was also gonna give it wolf ears and a tail, but then I just wasn't bothered.
Anyway, so that's what I spent all of today doing.

So tomorrow, my friend is gonna get a freaky doll thing and a hairtie for her 17th birthday.

Hmm...Might have to throw in a $20 voucher or something decent, looking at that.

on a side note, I may never create a toy of a fictional character from a book I have never read again.

on another side note, I may stick photos of the Jacob Twilight plushie on deviantart and see what the people say. I have a feeling it may be incredibly amusing as they attempt to insult and criticise me. XD

and on something completely unrelated, I only need to pass 2 NCEA papers next year and I would have passed high school. Cool :D

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