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Honest and honestly?

currently: watching Samantha Who as I write this.

So...interesting day today.
People came over and ate our food and watched American Idol on our tv.

Then went to buy my friend's birthday present at the local Warehouse and accidently broke this ceramic soap dish holder that was $4.99. 6pm at night, not many people around...and then this smash on the ground and I distinctly heard someone go "oooh...". And then I probably looked pretty suspicious looking around trying to find who went "oooh". I had to carry round this broken soap holder thing around cause I knew if I broke it, I'd probably have to pay for it. I felt pretty stupid - and I could have just picked it up and left it on the shelf - but I did the honest thing and fessed up to it to the guy at the counter as I was paying for my stuff. But thank God, he said I didn't have to pay for it.
Though I still feel guilty that there's this lonely soap without it's soap dish.

And now, I'm sitting here reading a bunch of crazy Twilight stuff.
And no - I'm not into Twilight.
Specially after these things.
I'm not sure how true this is... But this is pretty freaking crazy.
Suddenly in a fit of rage, she picked up a beaker full of acid, and screamed 'You bastard twilight hater!!!' and threw the whole beaker of acid in my friends face. He screamed, and tried to get away, however the girl, obviously not contempt with ruining his face, got a compass out and proceeded to stab him several times with the compass. I was in a state of shock, but somehow I managed to gain enough sense to be able to knock the compass out of her hand, and tackle her to the ground. she was kicking and screaming and clawing. The other people around jumped into help me. The lecturer dragged my friend to the emergency shower and tried to wash the acid off his face. Somebody ran to get the first aiders. Meanwhile we decided to move the girl, so I got off her and a few people grappled with her and moved her to the other side of the room, and stopped her from escaping. I sat down in shock, I couldn't believe that anyone could od anything like that, because of a book. I orginally doubted some of the stories people had posted in here about being attacked, thinking they had made them up...but after seeing this, they are propably true...


And this too: [caution. it's weird]
A wh-wh-what? a WOMB?
Twi-nuts. Seriously. Must be avoided.

Well, here goes to the random and weird post for the week.

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