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currently: melting.

Now there can be many reasons for this current melting status.

Reason A could be that because the temperature is freaking hot that I am melting because of this heat.

Reason B could be because of the irritatingly hot laptop that keeps blowing hot air on me which is causing me to melt.

Reason C could be that cause I got me a new Jimmy Eat World song to love that I have previously been too lazy to listen to and now that I'm listening to it, and I'm melting because of Jim Adkins who I would possibly marry if I was 13 years older and lived in Arizona.

But if you picked D - All of the above - you would be right.
I honestly promised myself that I would not listen to anymore songs from Jimmy Eat World's album "Chase This Light" till I bought the album - in order for me to stop illegally obtaining the songs...but temptation brought me down. All because I decided to listen to that one stinkingly beautiful song on their myspace.

"I'm a suspect, I'm a traitor,
I'm only here in body visiting.
Yellow faces in the distance screams,
'The beauty is in what isn't said,'
I'm rising to my feet.

Because tonight, the world turned in me
Because right now, I don't dare to breathe.
Oh, babe, I know it's alight and somewhere for us to find
Tonight, chase this light with me."
[Chase This Light - Jimmy Eat World]

Now I'm having *eeep* moments.
if you are unfamiliar with my *eeep* moments...let me find the definition.

*eeep* [EEE-peh] verb
Definition: to become incredibly excited from a certain bit of news or even a voice of a favourite musician - sometimes mistaken for being incredibly fangirly.

So yeah - I have no reason for this post other than to admit my shame of loving this song too much and betraying my promise to my 2nd favourite band, along with just complaing how hot it is at the moment becaues of the melting status.

Yeah I'm just gonna go to bed. Night.

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