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10 questions that BUG me now.

currently: getting over her annoyed-ness.

I'm feeling pissed off.
I've spent 2 hours screaming along to angry music....and that hasn't really calmed me down enough.

I need to rage.
And not like a one-on-one rage. Cause then I feel real bad that the person has to listen/read about my rage and they're hearing it full blast.

At least by blogging it, it gives the option to whether they want to read it or not.
And if it floats around in the emptiness - then I'm okay with that too.

So here is what is pretty much annoying the hell out of me.

10 QUESTIONS THAT BUG ME NOW. (and I'd rather stop hearing.)

1) Where are you going for uni?

Okay, I get that now it's the time of year where people do ask this. But when someone says "Oh, that's really not a real uni is it?". I want to go "WELL WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAN MY FUTURE FOR ME?"

2) What are you doing at uni?
Again like question 1. But then the follow on comments like "Oh, communications is REALLY hard." or "Communications - that's so common nowadays" or "Journalism? Really? You?"
And then it just gets really stupid.

3) What's your theme for your photography?
I don't know! I don't have a theme. And I'm all weirded out by the way my boards are turning out like. I don't want my board to seem morbid!

4) Hows it feel to be 18?
*gives stupid look* Well it's like being 17. Except now its an 8 and not a 7. Why? You wanting me to tell you my many stories of getting legally drunk on the sidewalk? SURE. Cause you know, all 18 year olds do that. *scowl* There's no joy in being 18 when you can't spend any money anyway.

5) Why don't you drink?
Cause I'd like to not become a drunken idiot. Can't say I enjoy just spewing up all over the place and getting massive hangovers in my spare time. Plus - I can't afford alcohol.

6) So why haven't you got a job yet?
CAUSE I CAN'T FREAKING GET ONE. Please, let your next question humour me.

7) Are you gonna date [him]?
No. I'm not being mean - I'm just saving you people asking me all the time.
Short plain answer - no. Not now. Get me in a better mood and I can go into a list of reasons why. I hate the idea that you assume that I SHOULD be dating. I mean really, if I did date EVERY guy I liked or every guy that liked me, you'd think I was a whore.

8) What's going on with you and [him]?
NOTHING. Trust me. If something was happening, I'd be sure to let you know.

9) Are you okay?
WHY? Do I LOOK okay? And even if I am okay, why do you think I am not okay? Is there something wrong with my face? Cause, you know, my face normally looks like this.

10) Mel, why are you so angry?

I'd like to leave this town please.

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