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And we're back on.

currently: pulling faces at Blogger.

Come on Blogger. June 30th people have been reporting errors when creating new posts.
Least you could do is fix it.
And in all annoyance, at least make a blimming help topic so that way it didn't take me 6 days to figure out all I had to do was remove my post template.

I'm not saying you're slack.
Bebo is slack.

But at least let the people know. I'm just saying.

Any posts between this date and the last day of June are all delayed posts. Posts that really should have been made on the day. But weren't. Because of this issue.

Anyway, tomorrow - School Ball.
I've been feeling a bit pessimistic about the whole thing lately to be honest. Think it's this whole "Date" thing. Yeah, I'm glad I have a date and all. And he's a nice guy, don't get me wrong. But talking to one friend, suddenly I feel all this pressure and responsibility for my date. And as sad as it sounds - I don't want to do that. I'd rather party with my friends than have to constantly worry about my date.

And another truth be told - he's not my first choice for a ball date.
The guy I do wish I could take is too young. He (the young guy) knows that I really wish he was my date.

But you know, I can't complain. I'm gonna make sure I have a good time. It's not about dates, or pretty dresses (which I just managed to finish sewing a couple of hours ago. At least I'm not pulling an all nighter to sew it...)

It's all about having a good time.
Tomorrow - I'm gonna keep dancing till my feet go numb :D

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