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Mid-Spring Clean

currently:chilling in bed :D

I've been meaning to make a new blog title for a while now. (Or at least for the 1 year birthday) but with school being so hectic at the time, I hadn't had the chance to till tonight.

What's the verdict on it?
I got a new layout too...I don't know how keen I am just yet on this.
Sadly enough to say, I'm still on templates. Gosh I hate templates.
But I'm not web-savvy enough yet to know HTML codes and whatever etc etc to build my own website.
(Which bugs me, I think I could have gotten a sweet job for this comic company to build them a website, if my HTML language wasn't confined to HTML language inside a blog post. All I can manage is italics, fonts, bold, underlines, and occasionally I can remember how to get links to open in a new window....[/end nerdness])

Oh well, life goal (or short term "maybe when its summer holidays" goal.):

But for now, if you refresh fast enough, you may be able to see the existing template underneath the blog header. XD

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