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Supermouse vs the Giant Octopus

currently: smelling like paint.

If you remember a while back, I said my family bought MAGNETIC PAINT.

And now, I got it in my room :P
Spent the last 2 days putting the coats of magnetic paint on, then putting on top the wall paint have to look close to realise where the magnetic paint is :P

And well, here's the proof that this junk actually works.

(btw: 1- I don't know what the black thing sticking out of the wall is, it just has a magnet at the bottom.
and 2- don't critise my powerpuff girl fridge magnets.)

I think $40 worth spent.

I'm now trying to paint the backs of my cds with magnetic paint(that I normally bluetack to the wall) in hopes that it could stick up on its own...I gotta do another coat sometime soon.

Anyway, that aside, what I wanted to share was this story I found just before. You know when you clean things and you find all this old junk you hadn't seen for a while? I found a box of all my old school books with stories that I had written. You see, when I was younger I wanted to be an author. So I would write many, many beginnings of stories (I hardly finished them though.)
However, this is one story I did finish. Probably cause its only on a small piece of refill (what you see in the picture) and was maybe for school.

I'm not actually sure how old I was when I wrote this, I'm going to guess late in Primary School, maybe 9/10ish? (could tell by spelling.) But you can now see how brillant I was as a child. (and ask yourself where it has all gone...)

High in the sky, a thing floated by.
Not a bird, not a plane, not a U.F.O.
It was Supermouse watching over the city of Yellowgrass Mountain.

Supermouse was a mouse that could fly high above Yellowgrass. She was born in a sewer full of radioactive liquids. Developed super powers and became Supermouse.

Today was like any other day untill the Giant octopus monster came. Supermouse sawed through the sky and gave the octopus a kick on the head. The octopus slapped Supermouse. Supermouse gave the Octopus her laser eyes, but it was to strong. She decided to give the Octopus a karate chop. She flew upwards into the clouds and flew down like a rocket. Then she hit the octopus in the middle of his head. And istantly it split in two. The crowd that was frorming chered and as the Japenese chefs came and served octopus sushi to the crowd.

So Yellowgrass Moutain was saved thanks to Supermouse.

Yeah, I was a brilliant child. That or I watched way too many Powerpuff Girl episodes.

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