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Nick Jonas and the....wait, what?

currently: feeling guilty.

Sue me.

I think I may have found respect for a Jonas Brother.

I just heard this song on the radio for the first time. It's not knew for Disney music to appear on the radio cause they play some of those more popular Disney artists (Miley/Demi Lovato/Jonas Bros.) Normally I turn it off, run away, or try to stuff paper in my ears, but curiousity got the better of me to listen to this for once....and I have to say, 'Nick Jonas and the Administration' is SUCH a step up from the Jonas Brothers.

I could be jumping ahead of myself by saying I "like" this song...I mean my hurling reflex is still stronger. But I think I'm more in approval of Nick Jonas on his own.

First, the members of the Administration are well known artists and producers, for example, John Fields who has produced many Switchfoot songs (such as my favourite "Stars") plays the role of bassist for Nick Jonas. So the back up group is quite good in that sense.

And then this song, "Who I Am" - okay I admit that this being his first single in a JonasBros Era, it is critical to determine his identity as a solo artist. So this music video, stylised in black and white to make him appear older and classier, with lyrics about wanting someone to "love who he is" (aka, not just a Jonas), and the (not too uncommon) usage of people with signage being all funny/emotional/Don' is a common recipe for "I'm Famous Already, but Notice Me For Something Else"

Part of me thinks he's actually pulled it off kind of successfully.
And I'm not saying that just cause right now the stats on his music videos are incredibly under any million mark like the other Jonas videos despite being up for a whole week already...but that this song actually has a bit more meaning, has a bit more style, doesn't have the Disney-storyline approach, has a much easier sound on the ears (which isn't doused and set on fire by Bubblegum-Disney pop)....And reminds me a bit of John Mayer.

And I quite like John Mayer.

So despite his flawed connections to Disney and to the Jonas Brothers, kudos to you Nick Jonas for actually bringing something a bit more decent to the radio airwaves.

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