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currently: getting really cold thanks to the air conditioning.

Can you guess where today's trip was to?

If you picked the tower on the left - you'd be wrong!
Today's trip was to the towers on the right: Suria KLCC aka the mall in Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers. (Previously known as the tallest towers in the world. Think now it got replaced by something bigger in Dubai or something.)

I got all artsy while looking up the Towers
And then while inside looking up again.

I think I counted 6 floors in KLCC. But of course these floors stretch out a massive length between the towers. They're all filled with expensive branded stores like your Gucci, Calvin Klein, and even a fabric store where they sell mainly Korean Silk at RM100 per metre. (That's like $50NZ).Even though KLCC is a massive tourist attraction - it's just so darn pricey to buy anything there.
What was for free however was the fashion shows they've been having, and there were quite a few I managed to catch today:
You can see most of the 6 levels crowding round to watch. They were all from stores or designers within the store, such as Harley Davidson.

Anyway, while outside the doors KLCC, there's this area where all the tourists like to take photos by the fountain. So I took a picture of the fountain:
And here's a panoramic I took by spinning in a half circle with the camera on continuous shot, and then having my awesome Photoshop CS4 put it together for me :)

I'm getting quite sleepy now, so here's a quick recap of what I did while in KLCC.
-I went into different shops, looked at stuff, didn't buy anything. Like I said, the fabric store that was there had RM100 per METRE fabric. Which is ridiculously expensive.
-We went to an art exhibition, inside the mall. It was all stuff from the university kids here in KL.
-Watched a few fashion shows that happened every couple of hours.

Ate Tiramsu for the for first time I can remember:
Didn't really like it. It's just not my thing...

Ate some of the sorbets my sister ordered though. They were awesome - it came in its own fruit shell:
I don't remember how much the sorbets were, but the tiramsu slice costed bout 12.50RM. Not really worth it - should have picked the cheesecake.

And after all the window shopping and fashion watching...we left just as it was get darker. I took photos as we left KLCC.

And then I was really tired on the way back.
But I saw a durian stand on the street while we were waiting in traffic, so I took a photo.
Road Durian. Fun.... :/

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