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currently: really exhausted.

Today was another very full on and long day. I don't know how many more of these days I can take before I really collapse from exhaustion. This is why I'm so ready to fall asleep, but not till I post - so this will be quick.

Today started off with going to church, especially since it's Easter and all. The church I went to today was a rellie's church, which was thankfully (mainly) in English. Asian churches are awesome - these people were so upbeat and cheerful, and were so enthusiastic about pretty much everything. Made me wonder why my church back home wasn't like this.

Anyway, once church had finished, we went out for a dim sum breakfast.
What I love about dim sum is all the stuff you can have - and it's not overfilling because its like appetisers. The menu for lunch today consisted of:

Some salted egg pumpkin thing, and grilled Japanese cucumber.

Mango fried spring roll - this was my favourite. So sweet and crispy.

Soup dumplings - when you bite into it, you get soup and meat :)

Pork fried rice - I love fried rice. Seriously, would eat it all the time if I could.

Prawn dumplings - these were adorable. It's like little parcels, and they also had soup :)

Pork bun - aka Siu Bao in Chinese.

This stuff was really good. And the chefs themselves actually deliver this food to you. I don't know why they're not focused with just cooking - but okay, if they want to get out of the kitchen I won't stop them (long as they have my food.)

Today's purchase comes from the store F.O.S (which means Fashion Outlet Store)
They had a deal where it was 3 of these "Scribble" branded tees for 45RM. Which isn't too bad - 15RM for each. So I got 1 tee, my sis got herself two. I just thought mine was awesome :P

Okay, off to bed now. Hope to share more stories at an earlier time tomorrow.
Night :)

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