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Day 9 and 10 of Malaysia - Shop till you drop, or are in absolute pain.

currently: soooo tired.

I was so tempted in skipping another day of blog posts because of my lack of energy. Look at my dedication now. It's currently 11pm KL time and I've been up since 5 something, having only slept 4 hours last night because I was working on an album review (which is also why I didn't post last night - by 11pm the internet on my laptop stopped working.)

Anyway, my exhaustion is due to the amount of shopping I've finally done in the past couple of days. Whoever says shopping isn't a sport obviously doesn't know the endurance required to walk up hundreds of stairs, kilograms of shopping bags, and the agility and speed to move through large crowds. This is definitely more exercise that I really need (or exercise that I desperately need.)

Day 9:
Yesterday's trip was to a Jusco cardholders sale where we were from 10am to 5pm. Jusco in Malaysia is like the equivalent of NZ's Farmers - except twice as big. Jusco has designer and clearance clothing, make up, bags, shoes, lingerie, homeware appliances, stationary, curtains, bedware, CDs, DVDs, books, groceries, and even free salad. It's ridiculous and utterly fantastic at the same time. This department store is just so huge that from 10-5pm we were somewhere in Jusco's the three floors (except for the 1 hour we may have taken to get lunch. Either way, we were in there for AGES.)

I didn't get any pictures there during the sale though. Cause 1: I didn't think I was allowed to, 2: There were too many people and its gonna look weird to bring a big camera out, and 3: I was too busy shopping. After 7 hours though, I bought only ONE thing.

One vest! Half price from Agenda at Jusco (so from about 60RM to 30RM / $24NZD to $12NZD.)
You know, if it wasn't for the great exchange rate, chances are I wouldn't buy this stuff. It was disappointing I didn't get more though, but still great to experience. Except for experiencing achy and sore feet. That was terrible.

Day 10:
Today, we got up REALLY early (5am something) to go into the city and go shopping. So painfully tired already after only going to sleep at 12:45am. It's been really hard to keep up with uni work etc while I've been here due to the lack of time I get.
Anyway, we went to the city so we could experience some shopping, where I was hoping to get some good bargains and cheaper fabrics.
This is Petaling Street - famous tourist place for market shopping.
Excuse the quality of the photos, I took this with my cellphone.
I didn't take my big fancy camera to the city today which I'm very glad about. In the city, its hard to take these sort of things because then you become a target for thieves. Mind you, there were many tourists around with their big fancy cameras - but I'm tiny so it makes me an even easier target.

This is the first fabric shop I had gone to. So many Korean fabrics for some reason. And they were pretty decent priced - 10.50RM per metre / $4.30 NZD.

So I bought all of this:

Except it wasn't meant to be all of that. It was only meant to be the blue and red fabric. But the sales assistant spoke Malay and threw fabric at me. Overall: spent 83RM in that one store, half on fabrics I didn't want. :/

After the fabric store, we went to a shoe/clothing store. I found this really awesome top (which didn't really fit well), abd I had wanted to buy I didn't want to buy it cause it was about 40-50RM ($20-$30 NZD.)
If anyone knows where to find this top:... NZ for real cheap, let me know ;P

But what I did get from that specific store was 1 beaded necklace and the other a beaded broach.:
Both together: 5RM! (like $2 in NZD.)

The rest of the day was just a blur, going in and out of shops, having feet ache so much, and desperately wanting a place to sit.
So this is one of the places where we sat:
I stuck my feet into a fish tank. Not kidding here. I paid 5RM (about $2 NZD) to stick my feet in a special fish tank for 10 minutes, where the fish would supposedly eat the dead skin cells on my feet.
Strangest experience I've had a in a long time. But its really quite enjoyable, once you get over the initial fact that fish are eating your feet. It kind of feels like your feet are being put on vibrate, they just nibble away. Although the bigger fish you feel them more when they bite. It doesn't hurt at all though, but it tickles quite a bit.

Anyway, I'm getting seriously tired now, so here's some more other stuff I had bought today:
Overall, this shopping day has been more successful - but I've lost track of how much I've actually spent. And the craft stores here are fantastic and cheap - just wish I didn't have to travel in all the way to the city to get it. Cause it's tiring to walk so many hours to get to the stores. *sigh*

I also really miss my sewing machine now... should have bought the 15RM portable sewing machine that looks like a stapler. You know, it amazes me what sort of stuff is sold on the streets here.

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