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currently: stretching.

So once again, it was another day of shopping. :)
Cause in Malaysia, one of the easiest hobbies to do is shop (and eat).

Today's trip was to Cheras Leisure Mall, which is quite a massive mall - probably not as big as yesterday's The Mines - but they have more of a dedicated area to shopping and clothing (and the other half mainly for food. You have to cross a bridge to get to the other half.)
Oh and apparently some pop star or something called Della Wu was there. I have no idea who she is but she drew a big crowd on the bottom floor in this part of Leisure.

Anyway, when we entered Leisure Mall from the parking lot, there was this cool thing screened onto the floor where kids could jump on it and interact with the floor/screen.
I don't really know what the point of it is, other than entertain the kids. And entertain people like me who is fascinated by that sort of crap.

Anyway, today I managed to make my first (non-food) purchase in Kuala Lumpur.
(I would have taken photos of the actual stores, but I got told a few times that my camera wasn't allowed to be used.)
This ring (brand This & That) was bought for 8RM (about $3.50 NZD)from a store called F-Force or something (the store is a lot like NZ's Valley Girl or Glassons). The ring is this cute little silver bow that fits on the pinky.

Today's bought meal was of an egg tart, a bun, and red bean smoothie.
The egg tart is so cute and tiny! I was going to post a picture of me eating it - but it's a highly unflattering shot.

The bun was like a speciality of the store. The bun was plain but it was buttered and hot and sweet and crispy all at once. Yum :)

Red Bean is big in Asian countries. Normally its thrown into ABC or something, but this was a while blended drink with ice and coconut milk added.

That was what was eaten and bought today.

And just to finish of:
I saw this flower. It has eyes and teeth and everything.

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