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Day 5 of Malaysia - A health inspector's nightmare

currently: preping for another mini trip. You'll find out soon....

So I didn't get to do a great deal today. This morning I woke up with my ear ache being more irritating and sore than the night before. So I spent most of the day staying in.

For a late night treat though, we decided to go out and eat at a open restaurant.

This is the sort of place where you won't see health inspectors hang out cause they'd run away in fear. Around this area (like right in the carpark) you'll find stray dogs, cats, rats and large roaches amongst the tables. Which, for me having been used to NZ food grading systems and watching many TV3 Target episodes, isn't the most comfortable place to be.

All the food here is cooked openly so you can see what is going on. That stove/cooking area (where the yellow shirt guys are) is where the roti is cooked, and its cool to see how everything is done. So while you're sitting at your table, you can watch as they toss and throw around everything.
I didn't really feel like getting a roti tonight though. It has been incredibly hot today so all I was looking forward to was something cool to drink or eat. So I got some lychee fruit with shaved ice, grass jelly, jelly balls, cendol and peanuts. So cooling to drink. Not incredibly relaxing though when I saw a roach crawl nearby our table. I may know that there are large roaches and stuff in KL, but I'm not used to it at all.
We also ordered for the group one roti tisu.
This is like a dessert roti. It's like an extra thin and crispy wafer, covered in margarine, sugar and condense milk. And this thing is really tall. Well if you call a 30cm tall roti tall.

Tomorrow I'll be tripping off somewhere else for a couple of nights, so you may not get many postings from me as I'm unsure about net access. But you'll soon see what I'll get up to as soon as I get the chance to share. Stay tuned ;)

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