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Day 6 of Malaysia - Over the hills and not so far away

currently:this post was written on the 18th of April when I had no internet in the hotel room.

So instead of the usual post about what I ate today, followed by the pictures of what I ate, today's post is about the trip I have taken to Genting Highlands, outside of Kuala Lumpur.

To drive to Genting Highlands from KL takes less than an hour - depending on how fast your driver is. I say that because the hardest part of getting to Genting is going up the mountain, going round and round and round and round and round... So if your driver is fearless - they'll take you up the mountain pretty fast.

Up in Genting it's a different atmosphere. I think I've seen the first white tourists on my trip so far since I've left the airport. It's also much cooler up here thanks to the higher altitude and the constant mist, so the weather becomes more like Auckland City in Autumn.

The reason why most people come up to Genting is for the theme park and resort. Genting has quite a large theme park with quite a few rollercoasters and other rides. It beats Auckland's Rainbows End by heaps. No offence Rainbows End.

I went to Genting last time I was in Malaysia, and I took photos then too. But here are more photos anyway!

Today's highlight was (not food but) the performance we went to at the end of the night.
Glitz is considered this big spectacular show featuring this American magician, a Ukrainian sand artist, this group of Chinese acrobats, and these "Glitz" dancers.

The stage was pretty spectacular looking. But for me and my sister, it took a while for us to be impressed by the acts. The dancers weren't exactly captivating ("Oh look, we can can-can this way, we can can-can that way. Oh and now we can-can in a circle!"), and the magician took a while before he impressed us ("Oh it's a rope." *get bored*). The sand artist was pretty skilled at what she does, but her backing music was irritating. The one that impressed us the most were the boys from the Chinese gymnasts group who were really daring and had us capitivated during their pieces. Plus the tiny little Asian boy who striked superhero poses at the end of ever stunt was adorable :D

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos during the show (the ushers would shine their torches in your eyes and give you the finger "x" while telling you to put the camera away), but I did get this of the sand artist as we were leaving the show.
She did this whole Michael Jackson tribute during her performance, so that was pretty cool.
And so overall, was a pretty nice day. And don't worry, there may be a food post soon if you'd rather read about my daily meals haha.

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