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currently: bit too exhausted to really go and write detailed descriptions under all the photos.

Because I'm too tired, here's a massive photo uploading of today's afternoon at the Genting Highlands Theme Park :D

A day at Genting Highlands:

View from the hotel in the morning

Breakfast! Buffet with a mix of Western and Asian food.

OMG. Yellow Watermelon. The stuff is like red watermelon, but a bit sweeter. Not as juicy though.

Into the theme park! The Big Swing.

Big (fake) chocolate bunny at Chocolate World.

Merry go round!

White fish says: "Wut?"

Games where you can win pink seahorses and bulldogs.

Ring toss! I watched everyone fail.

Ferris Wheel :D

RAWR. I eat your face at Dinosaurland.

BAM! I kick your face dinosaur.

Looking up the ferris wheel. Arty :)
View of the theme park from the ferris wheel.

On the monorail train, cruising round the theme park. That's the rollercoaster which I went on and screamed like a tiny girl thinking that I was falling forward. Not a pretty picture.

The Pirate Ship is to the right. Didn't go on that cause the line was MASSIVE. Even for a Tuesday afternoon.

"The Flying Coaster" - it's where you lie on your stomach like you're superman, and you're swung round the coaster. Costed an extra 10RM to go though - and I didn't have the cash on me.

A high view inside the indoor park.

From the ground - crazy colourful hotel painting colours.

ICECREAM! Baskin and Robin's Peanut Butter Chocolate icecream to finish off the theme park rides.

And the purchase of the day: a 12RM brown waist belt from S&M.

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