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currently: getting ready for bed.

So for today, most of it was spent in Genting Highlands.
We didn't do a great deal though. I woke up, packed up my suitcase, had pizza for breakfast, then went shopping in Genting's "First World" Plaza before coming back to KL to have a late lunch and even later dinner. Then I posted the blogs for previous days I had missed, since in the Genting Highlands hotel, there was no free wireless (or free internet at all. Lame.)

Didn't buy anything either today. I got close to doing so a few times...Here in Malaysia they have market sales, and a Cotton On. But nothing cheap and high quality enough for me to fork out some cash for.
(and yes, that is a hard balanced but I'm into sales and saving etc.)

So anyway, there are no real photos today. You pretty much got your dose of photos from the 20 or so I uploaded in previous posts.
But today I will share with you one photo.
What I had for my dinner:

You're probably wondering why out of all things would I buy myself a Big Mac for dinner in Malaysia when I can get it anywhere else.
Well that's why I bought it (and because it was faster to get that than roti).
You see, Maccas (aka McDonalds) can be found EVERYWHERE. But not all Maccas/McDonalds are the same.
At this Maccas, they have a different menu to cater for the Malaysian crowd. There's no healthy choices menu, no salads, no morning bagels. But the Big Mac is universal.
It was just a choice to compare how Big Mac Malaysia is compared to Big Mac NZ.
And well, Big Mac Malaysia - the size of it is MUCH bigger than Big Mac NZ, which always is so scrawny and can be eaten in under 4 bites. But Big Mac NZ has nicer beef - NZ beef is always nicer.
And what's most unique about Big Mac Malaysia - it comes with a McD's chilli sauce packet for your burger.

Now I'm not one that enjoys spicy food - but as they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". So I put it under my top burger bun - and it's not too bad. The sauce is spicy on it's own, but it blends pretty well into the burger so it's pretty unnoticeable.

But overall - NZ Big Macs are better. Just wish they were the size of the Malaysian ones because after eating their Big Mac - I was plenty full. NZ Maccas, take note of that.

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