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After the demise of my usual fashion awards show (aka The Grammys and the great dress code of 13) I've turned to a new fashion award show, hoping to get my fashion fix.

This year the MTV VMAs were all about the Katy Perry vs Lady Gaga song showdown, the rumoured *NSYNC reunion, and of course what nutty thing Miley would wear as she progresses into Queen of the White Trash clan. But let's start with the red carpet.

Best Matching Couple:

Grimes and 2 Chains. Nothing says totes adorbs like being caught in the exact same Versace pants. Made for each other.
Oh and look! Grimes is wearing a chain around her neck! Perfect.

The Faaaaaaaabulous award:

Richard Simmons. This isn't an award for being the best looking, but having the best personality on the red carpet. Also, he made Katy Perry feel a heck of a lot awkward.

Speaking of which, the Fierce award (for having the fiercest outfit...):

Ellie Goulding. No, not Katy Perry despite having an outfit with animal print, because it was still covered with golden butterflies. But Ellie Goulding for having a stud-ing outfit (#badjoke). She looks hot, and dangerous to hug since she's covered entirely by spikes. But I'd still hug her.

The Most Prepared for Tea Award goes to:

Ariana Grande. Who always has this vintage style of dressing, and it kinda makes you wish that if you were that small and adorable, you would do the same.

Now, because it's getting late, let's get down to the serious awards. Including...

Best Dressed Male: (which didn't need nominees cause there was a clear winner).

Joseph Gordon Levitt. Easily.

Worst Dressed Male was a bit hard to choose, but it ended up being a tie between these two people.

Riff Raff and Eric Andre. Because I just don't know.

Best Dressed Female nominees at these awards include: (L-R)

Rita Ora - despite her feathered and furry tail, I think she does look stunning. I almost mistook her for Beyonce when she first arrived on the carpet.
Selena Gomez - I do like the lace corset she's got on, and her styling does look fantastic.
Taylor Swift - who looked nice in a dark dress that didn't involve an overdose of lace or sparkles.

Best Dressed Female though I have to give to:
Naya Rivera - who looks drop dead gorgeous. Sexy but not overly revealing, and her makeup looks perfect.

Now, Nominees for Worst Dressed Female include: (L-R)
Katy Perry - mainly because she wore a grill. It would have been good, until she put that grill in. Don't put the grill in.
Sarah Hyland - purely because it's a bad outfit. She's adorable, why does she choose a horrible shapeless outfit like that?
Holland Roden - Is it a skirt? Is it pants? Is it a floatation device?

But of course, the Worst Dressed Female award goes to:
Miley Cyrus! Times three for all the outfits she wore across the night. She also gets multiple awards for being crowned White Trash Queen, Most Improper Use of Underwear (to be UNDER your actual clothing), Worst Accessory (her tongue) and Celeb You'd Most Likely Wash Your Hands After Meeting which has nothing to do with fashion, but still.

And finally, the last fashion award of the night, the Lady Gaga Award. Who actually looked pretty normal and nice coming into the MTV VMAs. Till she finished her opening performance and spent the rest of the night sitting in the audience with her shell bra and thong.

Keep it classy VMAs.

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