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NZFW 13 - Hailwood Autumn/Winter Collection 14

currently: figuring out Instagram.

It's NZFW people! Back for 2013 and a bit more difficult to get to when you're in full-time work.

Unlike last year, where I had the most amazing all-show/every-show experience, I had pretty much resigned to the fact that I would never have that again (at least not any time soon). But instead I would attempt to watch every single fashion show online, and follow my tradition of attending the weekend's Designer Showcase. Things have panned out differently than I thought though, with the axe of weekend Designer Showcases (WHY), but the advantage of working for a company that is connected to NZFW. So I shouldn't complain, I have been very blessed, and there will be fashion to talk about.

Anyway, tonight at very last minute, I got offered a ticket from work to see the Hailwood collection show. I pretty much raced down there from work, paid an unreasonably costly taxi ride while doing so, and headed in for the 5.30pm show. If you want to see a poor summary of the Hailwood collection, watch my poorly filmed Instagram video below: (Otherwise just watch the legit 3 News version).

To sum up my thoughts about the Hailwood collection in a messy word bubble, it was about warm and fierce animal prints, thick wools and furs, delicious maroon colours you want to fall into, gorgeous draped jackets and trenches, compelling shiny material patterns, jeans I wanted to jump into, and this awesome dress.

A print that I could never pull off but wow it's good. It's like a safari buffet. Or an adult version of I Spy.

But I can't say I care for Hailwood's keyhole/peekhole nip-slip dresses. Do they do the nip-slips on purpose? Where's the double sided tape? Or the Janet Jackson nipple stickers?

Anyway, have a look at some of my favourites from the collection below. There were some nice pieces in their line:

You know, you can't help but hate NZFW sometimes for bringing out all these awesome clothing ideas now, just as it gets closer to summer. (Just kidding NZFW, I love you, and your goodie bags.)

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