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Day 15 of Asia - Motorway in New Zealand vs motorways in Malaysia

currently: wishing the original GIF still existed because I spent ages making it before my computer crashed itself.

If there's one thing I'll never be able to deal with in Malaysia, it's the driving style here.

Take New Zealand:
New Zealand is fair to say very proper when driving. They stick to the lanes (in between the lines), they generally indicate for the expected 3 seconds, and they merge like a zip.

But in Malaysia...
Motorcycles weave between cars EVERYWHERE.
Cars BARELY indicate. They'll just move between cars, or merge in the most inconvenient of places.
Cars just pack themselves up with no following distance.
Cars just casually swing between lanes - just cause!
It's just chaos.

However, a country with no set driving rules still sometimes has more tolerance for each other than what New Zealand drivers have. Only sometimes.

But I could never drive in Malaysia. Ever.

Meal of the Day:
The classic Char Kway Teow which we got from this restaurant at The Curve called 'Little Penang Cafe'. It was actually served with shredded fresh coconut at the top which I've never had on a char kway teow, but it was delicious none the less.

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